Tri-County Agility Club
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First – To promote the sport of Agility by:
  • Supporting new judges or those who wish to become a judge
  • Locating new venues to hold events
  • Introducing new AKC classes
  • Educating the general public about our sport whenever possible.
  • Always demonstrating Good Sportsmanship
  • Always making the health and well being of our dog(s) our #1 Priority
  • Always demonstrating EXCELLENT canine ownership skills
  • Assisting other Metro St. Louis clubs (such as all breed or obedience), to become certified to hold trials, and/or to conduct trials in partnership with them if they do not have sufficient members to conduct a trial on their own.

Second – Donating to or finding ways to help charitable groups raise funds with a FOCUS on:
  • Rescue groups
  • Canine Health Research
  • Human Health Research with an emphasis on those which have personally impacted the lives of our members or others in the agililty community.

Third – To provide all the volunteers with the appreciation for which they are so deserving.

Fourth – To provide our exhibitors an enjoyable event by:
  • Offering EXCEPTIONAL Hospitality
  • GENEROUSLY rewarding all Q’s
  • Giving AWESOME awards to those completing their MACH and PAX titles
  • PROVIDING the lowest entry fees in the St. Louis Metro Area.

TAC members know that we are FORTUNATE to be able to participate in the sport of Agility and to have the companionship and love of our dogs. Because we have benefited from many local trials, good judges, and healthy dogs we have chosen to adopt these goals as part of TAC’s mission:

About Us
Club Officers
President: Michelle Frasca
Vice President: Erin Day
Treasurer: Karen Winter
Secretary: Jamie Heberlein

Board Members
JoAnn Patterson
Virginia Kinion
Deborah Vassar
Steve Tochtrop